รู้จัก…รักเกาหลี Ep.03: ‘Let my work connect to my fan’ #JangHyuk ‘s interview with Thai Mag. 2015


Many months ago, I found #JangHyuk interview by Thai Free Magazine which published in November 2015, named ‘DONT Magazine’ Editor in Chief of DONT Magazine interviewed JH by himself in Korea. It was such a good interview that I want to translate to all JH fan who cant read Thai.


1) I would skip to translate the introduction part which said about the overall of JH and some culture of Korean actor which I am sure you all know it

2) My English isnt good, so If I do something wrong please help me correct it. Thank you in advance.



DONT: You have been an actor and in The entertainment industry for so long, have you asked yourself that ‘why actor is matter for you?’

JH: it is not career at all, because it is about learning. I have an opportunity to learn from others talented and good casts around me. It helps me know what I need to practice more to be a better actor. Everything is all new for me. Although it is a little and small experience, but what I am today. I was shaped by those ones.

DONT: Do you work as an actor for yourself or for your fan who love your work?

JH: In the previous time as my very first years to be an actor, I focused on only my own performance. But now, it changed. I am interested to know how the reaction of another casts I play with, instead of focusing on just myself. Then the result goes pretty good than before as I tried to force myself to perform.

However, I still find the perfect moment and the right time to express own performance during filming. It is called balance. I love acting, if I just act and do my own character without notice others cast responses and they don’t get what I do. I will see only my work. It isn’t good acting for me. Both of movie or drama, you must make people believe like you do. You have to show the audiences to believe that it is true, not pretend to be no matter who is the leader actor.

DONT: Do you interested in Musical Theater?

JH: I used to think since I become an actor in 1996 but when in 2000, the actors I know have changed to work with series drama on TV and movie. I personally interested the way they practice on stage, it is so cool. More and more, my work has been busy, that is why I would not have a chance to experience that kind of work.

DONT: Which is your favorite character?

JH: I don’t like any character particularly. It doesn’t mean it isn’t special but each character has own exclusiveness and outstanding. They have own stories that cant judge which one is the best for me. Every scene I play, it always returns me a different experience to learn. Then everything on set means to me, cast colleagues, director and all staffs. I cant choose.


DONT: What is the most important thing when you are on set?

JH: Everything, especially a teamwork from my colleagues, my cast partners or even director and script writer. If I consider and crack the character by myself too much, others will not understand what I want to express. It is normal to everyone that when you read the same story, each one will think and interpret on personal experience. So talking and discussing with team really matter to make all of us understand and have the same goal.

DONT: What have you done especially for making a better communication?

JH: I always practice and repeat the script with my partners each scene. Sometimes, for more understanding I will talk with them our favorite movies. I also talk too much with the director before filming and during filming. But this discussion would be happened before we film.


DONT: Do you have any dream character?

JH: Dae Ji Coi in The Eyes of Dawn (1991)h. I watched it when I was child. I think, he is a representative of the people that time. That wasn’t certainly which opposite his reality. He dreamed to meet the person he loves. In that time there was the fluctuations of politic. Then he met the lady but she died later. The only one day they spent time together was so valuable and memorable. I dream to play that kind of character.

DONT: You was born in Busan but spend most of time in Seoul for your work, How the difference of these two places?

JH: Seoul is a big city, attractive and fast-developed. Everything is orderly and trim when something goes wrong, it will be solved and fixed quickly. But, Busan always makes my heart excited ans shaking, because of it may be my hometown. Even it is a big city as Seoul but it still has some aura of rural too.

DONT: Is there any activity you do when you go to Busan?

JH: For me, the moment of waiting to go back home is my favorite time more than spending life there. It likes when you travel, you will enjoy the way to be there more than staying there. Busan is the same I am always thrilled every time I think I am going home.

DONT: You have posted many short video clips when you are doing a boxing on your IG (@ajincome) you seem love the Martial Arts so much. Is it your hobby or your preparation for new character?

JH: I love the martial art, when I was young I practiced ‘Jeen Kune Do’ for so long and became a teacher. Then I wanted doing more challenge so I changed to boxing. This sport has much pressure but it has good side. During you are doing a boxing, you have only one goal: punch 3 minutes, rest 30 seconds and punch 3 minutes. after 2 minutes and half, the bell will be rang for showing that you left 30 seconds. It happens over and over.

That is weird for me one thing. The last 30 seconds seems longer than 2 minutes before and the rest time is really short. Boxing teaches me work and manage thing under pressure. When you are in the rush time, you will face the pressure and often do a mistake. When I have learned for the boxing, I am getting more confidence and be able to manage that difficult situation so well.


DONT: What is the similar thing between the Jeen Kun Do and Boxing?

JH: These two sports help us practice mind and body at the same time. It has energy and lilt. You have to connect with your partner and care each other. It is really similar as the acting. As I told you that caring and try to communicate with your team are important because it helps me to finish my work well and express the real emotion until it ends. Boxing helps me improve my acting.

DONT: Do you want to try Thai Boxing?

JH: Yes, I do. If I have a chance.



DONT: Life is challenge, so what is most difficult time of you?

JH: I work out every day, when I have to leave home at 6.30 am. I will wake up at 4.30 am for doing an exercise for 2 hours. After that I take a shower. My challenging time is to overcome my sleepy moment ‘shall I sleep or go to work out’

DONT: You are discipline for work out even if your work is so busy. How to manage things on the flexible time of work?

JH: I have been working like this for 20 years. I can adapt and adjust it my way ‘how to do’. It has regularity on the uncertainly work and time. I am be able to form it fit to myself.

DONT: Do you still receive the dangerous character?

JH: I am willing to act the dangerous scene but, if is too harm I won’t do that. I just try as much as I can. When I was young, I always pained and hurt by doing that, so I know how much I can do. The very first time I become an actor, my stun man who acted as me had an accident. He had to jump into the car but he missed and spent half an hour to rest. When he was okay, he continued his work till end. I was really impressed him. It makes me that ‘I should do like that, the professional work like that’

After that, I determine to act that dangerous scene myself. Not for telling ‘I am good at that but to work my best as an professional actor.’


DONT: What is your hobby this time?

JH: It is Instagram.

DONT: It is pretty surprise us. You seem unlike social media.

JH: Yes I do. Before this, I worked in Taiwai for 2 momths. When a week had passed, there is nowhere to travel and someone downloaded IG application for me. It is fun. I don’t show my private life at all, just want this IG be one of channel to communicate with my fan. I don’t write much when I share and post general story.

DONT: You started you career in movie industry but now you are completely work in TV, which one do you like the most?

JH: Let’s make it clear. In drama or series, the conversation you speak is important thing but in movie, it is about the vibe and the emotion. Who loves stay in front of the screen will love to watch movie but during watching series, you can do anything together. For example, having meal and watching drama. I personally like movie only the character I want to play ‘Simple but Intense’ and choose to play in series when I see the detail of the character continuing to each chapter.

DONT: Movie spends time to work shortly but in series take it longer. How the different of these two?

JH: Actually, Movie doesn’t take short time but, it is short when broadcast in the theater (Laugh)


DONT: Do you have anything to achieve in the short future?

JH: I am still want to be an actor because I am wonder who I am going to meet or how is my next project. I love to work with new people.

DONT: What do you do when you are free?

JH: Spend time with my family, work out and watch movie when everyone in my family already sleep.

DONT: What kind of your favorite movie?

JH: Not really. I can watch any kind of movie.

DONT: Have you ever been in Bangkok (Thailand)?

JH: yes, I have.

DONT: How about it?

JH: I love Thai food so much and like it as a big city. I went for my Honeymoon in Phuket also, and want to go back again. I think Thai is relaxing country, chill and good weather. Thai has own style to visit. It may be just I only travel there.

DONT: What is your favorite Korean food?

JH: Rice Boiled with pork.

DONT: Thai People may not know about it.

JH: Yes. It is local menu and I really like Korean soup with rice.

DONT: You looked so young. What is the secret?

JH: It is not really be like that. I use normal treatment but I work out and get sweat. It may be my secret.


DONT: Would you recommend us where to travel in Korea?

JH: If you travel in Seoul. Han River is a highest suggestion from me. You can ride the bicycle along the river, it is so good. There are many beautiful places in Seoul. More and more I would advise you to visit Busan specially. The shooting places to History Drama are interested too because there are many places to visit and eat. Because the history scene always shoot there.

DONT: Not for long time you had been shooting ‘The Merchant: GaeKju’ Why do you receive to this role?

JH: This drama is about human, it is more than about the business. It tells about the human moral and shows the various of human, good, bad, selfish, suffer, greedy and be respected. Everyone has own goal and story. My character is who that is good at financial which doesn’t mean about the investment or saving money. But it is about how to manage and circulating money for good goal.

DONT: Do you have anything to tell to your fan?

JH: I use my work for connecting with my fan. Some drama is complacent, some I don’t unlike it, some get really feedback. I strongly believe that ‘Nothing is perfect.’ The perfection must be paid by hard work. I always think like this and don’t want to talk much. Just want to work and let my work speaks for me, and work as my best. I hope my fan will love my work and trust my acting.



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